Dallas, GA Fire Damage Cleanup Quotes

Home fires are an awful thing to survive, however big or small they are. That’s why the professionals from Paul Davis are passionate about helping. Fire damage to homes and businesses is spreading as the amount of forest fires and arson in the South climbs. We have nearly five decades of knowledge removing the damage dealt to thousands of houses throughout the country, no matter how they started. To ask for assistance, use the “24-hour Emergency Services button. We deliver comprehensive emergency fire damage remediation and respond within half an hour and arrive at your property inside 4 hours. If you use Paul Davis Restoration of Rome, GA, you will be able to request the following emergency fire damage services:

  • Urgent damage repair quotes
  • Collaboration with your insurance company
  • Emergency structural stabilization and quarantine
  • Smoke odor elimination, sanitation and air purification
  • Drying out your home
  • Referral to a reliable fire damage restoration company

Better Service with Years of Experience

Insight through experience is required when fighting different kinds of fire damage. Fires create damage in different ways and set off various chemical reactions in the home. In addition to the heat damage, fire leaves behind hazardous ash that can cover floors and walls. All of this, along with runoff water from extinguishing efforts, can leave you with water damage. Postponing work or settling for a company that doesn’t have the correct certifications can end in costly repairs in the future. Your qualified emergency damage removal specialists from Paul Davis Restoration of Rome, GA have the training to remediate any trouble caused by a fire. Fixing damage from smoke is also one of our areas of service, click here for additional resources.

What Paul Davis does for You?

Once we arrive, we perform a detailed examination and apply what we learn to design a plan for eliminating the damage. For example, your hardwood floor might appear to be healthy on the surface, but could have sustained damage from fire that touched the subfloor layers. Insurance companies are not as excited to compensate you for these costs after, and the price of your property can decrease when you cover up existing issues. Our detailed evaluation will make sure the repair addresses all the problems quickly and efficiently.

Section Off Dangerous Areas

The combination of heat and moisture can weaken the foundation of your property, making it dangerous to live in. We’ll divide these risky areas from the safe areas of your property to guard your family.

Expel Standing Water

All leftover water should be removed as fast as possible, which is particularly challenging during GA wet seasons. These leftover pools are a perfect nursery for mold growth which leads to additional damage. We ensure that rot doesn’t have a chance to invade by completely cleaning the spot.

Why Paul Davis Emergency Services?

Technical training and time in the field are crucial for removing fire damage. Paul Davis Emergency Services are popular across the country because we effectively use our training and advanced tools. No matter what your situation may be, we can provide you with a precise quote for the emergency fire damage removal.