Quotes on Fire Damage Cleanup in Rome

Whatever the size, a house fire can be devastating to your every day routine. Thankfully, that stress can be remedied by calling Paul Davis Restoration of Rome, GA to fix the leftover damage. Fire damage to homes and businesses is becoming more widespread as the amount of forest fires and arson in the South climbs. Regardless of the cause of your fire damage, Paul Davis has decades of practice healing properties in your area. Use the “24-hour Emergency Services” button on this web page if you require quick assistance. We deliver comprehensive fire damage remediation and respond within half an hour and arrive at your property within 4 hours. If you use Paul Davis Restoration of Rome, GA, you can expect the following urgent fire damage services:

  • Urgent damage repair quotes
  • Help with your insurance company
  • Emergency structural stabilization and quarantine
  • Smoke odor neutralization, sanitation and air purification
  • Water runoff removal
  • Referral to a reliable fire damage restoration company

Certified Fire Damage Company

Eliminating the damage that fires cause requires the proper training. Fires generate damage in many ways and set off various chemical reactions in the home. In addition to the heat damage, fire leaves behind hazardous ash that can cover walls and floors. Fire damage, coupled with water from extinguishing efforts, may saddle you with water damage. Putting off maintenance or settling for a company without the proper certifications can end in expensive maintenance down the road. Our staff is licensed and insured in GA to eliminate fire damage from your home or business. Fixing smoke damage is also one of our areas of service, learn more here.

Our Fire Damage Removal Process

When we arrive, we conduct a thorough inspection and use our findings to design a strategy for removing the damage. For instance, your hardwood floor may appear to be in good shape on the surface, but could have sustained damage from fire that reached lower support joists. Insurance companies are not as inclined to compensate you for these costs later, and house values can decrease when you cover up existing issues. Our thorough evaluation will ensure that the repair assesses all the problems in a hurry.

Block Dangerous Areas

Fire damage can weaken the supports in your property, making it hazardous to occupy. To keep your family safe, we block off the damaged parts of the property from the usable ones.

Dry the Waterlogged Spots

All remaining water must be dried up as fast as possible, which can be difficult during our wet seasons. These remaining patches can be a perfect home for mold growth that causes additional damage. We dry your property quickly to ensure mold and rot won’t stand a chance.

24-Hour Emergency Hotline

Effective fire damage removal requires technical knowledge and practice. Across the nation and around GA, Paul Davis Emergency Services has responded to calls to treat fire damage. We have witnessed fires of all sizes and intensities so we are happy to give an estimate on any emergency fire damage response.