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Water damage

Water Damage Removal in Rome, GA

Encountering a damp stain in your home or puddle under the refrigerator can become a pricey headache. Sadly, leaky roofs, broken plumbing or malfunctioning appliances are some of the most common origins of water damage.

No matter where it comes from, we recommend hiring the pros to remove it. If left alone, water damage can deteriorate the structures in your home or business. Throughout GA and all around the South, humidity during the summer fosters mold colonies if water damage doesn’t get fast treatment. Paul Davis also treats mold damage as well, learn more here.

Since our company was founded, water damage removal is a Paul Davis core service. We focus on water damage and treat it at the source.

Ask the Experts

The Paul Davis experts use empirical methods and specialized equipment to eliminate the water damage. A floor may appear dry on the surface, moisture can remain in the subfloors that is hard to find without the correct mechanisms. You can prevent expensive repairs in the future by selecting an experienced emergency company to take care of situations like this.

Contact us or select the “24-hour Emergency Services” option to request immediate assistance. When you call, we will arrive at your property in under four hours. We reply within 30 minutes to online inquiries.

Why Call Paul?

Paul Davis emergency responders follow efficient channels to deliver a precise estimate for water damage on your property. Paul Davis experts also cooperate with the claims process, making it easier for you. We connect you with the best technicians to repair the water damage, so you don’t have to worry.